Scar corrections

We all have scars left over from childhood pranks or careless behavior. However, very prominent and large scars remain after serious trauma, injuries or major operations usually in the sites of incisions. If the scars can be easily hidden under clothing and they are not too large, then the person rarely has serious psychological troubles due to them. However, if the scar is extremely large, Randų korekcijos despite its location, the person may feel shy to undress on the beach, sauna, gym. It could even respond to intimate relationships. Discomfort is especially often felt, when the scar is on the face, neck, hands, because these places are always visible.

Scar correction may be performed by various methods. Use of each of these depends on the specific situation. The doctor, after seeing the patient’s scar, will advise the best way to correct it.

The comment of Dr. G. Papečkys:

First of all, it should be emphasized that the scar is not removed, it remains for life. The surgeon’s objective is to make the scar less visible. For this purpose, the special atraumatic surgical technique is commonly used, the scar form is changed. One example of how to make the scar less visible is the so-called “curved line” plastics. In this way, the scar becomes less visible, the tissues heal nicer. There are other special methods that I select in each case individually, taking into account what is best to help solve the problem.

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