Penis enlargement surgery

It is not true that men are not interested in plastic surgery! They also want to be beautiful and attractive to themselves and to their significant other. Usually men choose surgeries that adjust some congenital or acquired defect, eliminates changes of ageing, or correct body shape. However, one of the most frequent situation when men come to plastic surgeons, is so delicate that only some are able to speak about it.

Corrections of male genitals

Many men do not like shape or size of their penis, therefore, they experience many difficulties. First of all, they have lower self-esteem, experience psychological discomfort, a sense of inferiority, are often ashamed to undress in a bathhouse, avoids visiting and swimming in pools, attend gyms, also experience difficulties of sex-life. Plastics of penis allow for men to feel better, because it allows to adjust penis length, girth and shape.

Penis enlargement can be performed surgically or by performing fat transfer injections.

Prior to making a decision to undergo penis enlargement surgery, the patient must think over very well, if the surgery is the only solution of the problem, and whether its advantages will be higher than its disadvantages. It is very important that prior to the surgery the expectations of a patient were realistic.

Penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement is performed by cutting the ligament of penis root, which fixates the penis root to the pubis. In some cases, it allows to enlarge penis up to 5cm. After the erection penis is harder, longer, and it raises less.

Penis enlargement with fat

During this procedure fat cells are collected from patient’s belly or another spot, and they are injected into penis. This way its girth is enlarged, but the length remains the same. This procedure can be repeated, so that a better result could be achieved.

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