Lip shape corrections

Lip shape corrections are performed when a person is not satisfied with the form of his lips, he wants to have fuller lips, to restore their former appearance that changes with age, or wishes to string his facial proportions.

Lūpų korekcija

There are various methods of the lip correction. One of them is operative, and others – various tissue fillers, which usually need to be repeated.

Lips implants

When the lips are enhanced by implants, the implants are inserted through the small incisions at the inner part of the lip. Their disadvantage is that they can move to another location, cause inflammation or rejection. Inserting the implants is the longest lip plumping procedure, because they are preserved for at least two years.

Fat grafting to the lips

The lip plumping can be performed by grafting the own fats into them, which are taken from other parts of the body (usually the abdomen, thighs, hips), and after their special treatment, they are injected into the lips.

Tissue filler injections

At present, it is the most popular method of the lip plumping, however, the disadvantage is that the filler can be overdosed during this procedure, as well as the procedure needs to be repeated.

The comment of Doctor Gintaras Papečkys

At present, the most popular method of the lip shape correction is tissue filler injections. This is a good method because it is performed easily and quickly. However, it has some disadvantages – it can easily be overdosed, because fillers attract water molecules, and such lip image is obtained for which even the name was given “duck lips”.
I perform the lip correction by fat grafting for about 20 years and I can see that all this time the result is good. The disadvantages of this surgery is that fat grafting is much more complicated procedure, because not all fats naturalize, it is not possible to graft them very accurately, therefore, I always combine both of these procedures in order to get the more natural, more efficient results.
At present, the lip shortening of by “lifting” them surgically became very popular. Barely noticeable scar at the root of the nose remains after surgery. It is very effective in correction of the lip extension due to the age, which is one of the signs of an aging face. However, I also perform many of these surgeries for young girls and women who have an innate longer lip or want more spectacular form of the upper lip, exposing the beautiful front teeth.

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