Facial surgical threads

About from 35 years, the first more prominent age-related changes can be seen in the human face: the facial tissues sag down, the first deeper wrinkles appear. When such small changes emerge, it is not necessary to do “facelift” surgeries, because the face can be “refreshed” by relatively simple and minimally invasive procedure – facial thread lift. Such facial surgical threads are very thin and they lift facial tissues, thus a very natural image is given. Medical threads can be used for correction of such body parts as the cheeks, the lower third of the face, the lower part of the chin, lips form. After threads are inserted, the result becomes visible immediately.


Preparing for this small invasive procedure is very minimal. Usually only local anesthesia is enough, and the procedure itself takes about half an hour. The doctor inserts the thread using the thin needle under the skin at a depth of about 3-4 mm, and then manually moves it so that it would reach the correct position. Depending on the place to be corrected, it may be necessary to insert from one to several threads. After threading, the scar tissue forms under the skin, which lifts the skin itself and the face looks younger and less tired. Facial threads are efeective for several years, later the procedure can be repeated.
Since the intervention into the organism is minor, the slight swelling can be seen after the procedure, sometimes bruising can appear, which usually disappear within 2 weeks. Some small bumps can be in the places where the threads are inserted, which disappear within a few weeks. The mimics should be limited after threading: to avoid strong expression of emotions through facial movements, strong chewing and expressive laughter. This is very important because the lifted facial tissues are held by special hooks, and the threads in those places can collapse due to the strong facial motions.

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