Tissue fillers

The facial rejuvenation procedures are performed using tissue fillers. The tissue fillers are divided into temporary and long-term. The temporary fillers are quickly absorbed by the body and the procedures need to be frequently repeated. The long-term fillers are not absorbed.

Temporary fillers:

• Hyaluronic acid
• Collagen
• Fat
• Lactic acid polymers

Long-term fillers:

• Liquid silicone
• Hybrid fillers
The temporary fillers, which are absorbed by the body over time, areconsidered to be the safest for human health. Only after consultation with the surgeon and expressing all your problems and desires, you will decide what fillers are the most suitable for you.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid is a natural material which forms part of our body. This is a filling material hydrating the skin, transferring nutrients to the cells and protecting from damage. Under the influence of environmental factors and human aging, the hyaluronic content in the body decreases and that causes the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, already a few decades ago, the scientists came up with how to use this material and created hyaluronic injections, which are now widely used to beautify the face skin.

Collagen fillers

Collagen is also a natural substance found in the human body, which supports the skin, muscle, bone and tendon structure. As a human ages, the amount of collagen in the skin decreases and it also leads to the appearance of wrinkles. The collagen fillers are made from human collagen or collagen extracted from bovine or other mammalian collagen.

Fat injections

The fat is taken with the special syringe from such places where the fat accumulates predominantly (abdomen, thighs, hips). Such fat is purified and specially processed and then injected into the places where wrinkles are present. This procedure may be performed only by an experienced professional who knows how to properly inject the fat in order to achieve the best result.

The comment of Dr. G. Papečkys:

Currently, it is particularly popular to correct variety of skin problems (volume deficiencies, wrinkles) by the injections of dermal fillers. Their popularity is determined by a relatively simple use – the injections are performed in the procedural cabinet, no special preparation is needed, the result is seen immediately or after a few days. They are particularly suitable for coordination with other corrections. The filler injections are suitable for younger patients (up to 50 years), since they effectively correct the shape of the face (cheeks, lips, chin) and small skin wrinkles, a small facial “ptosis“. The most popular fillers – hyaluronic acid derivatives (Juverderm Filorga, Teosyal, etc.) have the ability to attract water molecule.

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