Chin correction

Chin correction is performed when it is requested to change its shape and size. In most cases it is necessary for people who have a long projecting nose and inexpressive, small chin. It can be congenital, when a person is born with such facial proportion, or determined in the course of life, for example, due to the trauma or bone loss during aging.

Smakro korekcija

When the chin is enhanced by fillers, the procedures must be repeated because of their temporary effects, also in the long period such procedures would be more expensive than surgery. However, when the fillers are injected, the procedure is extremely simple, because there is no surgical intervention, anesthesia is not required.

Chin correction by implant

Chin enhancing by implant is relatively simple surgery, during which the implant is inserted through the mouth or a small incision under the chin. After inserting the implant, its place is modeled and it is fixed to be stable. The procedure takes up to an hour, it does not leave any scars and you can quickly return to the daily routine.

Chin correction by changing the position of the bone

KDuring this operation, the incision is made in the mouth, the part of the chin bone is separated and pushed forward, and the new position is fixed and consolidated. Such surgery has the advantage that the surgeon can form the new form of the chin using the own bone. It also does not leave any scars, because all corrections are performed through the mouth. The results of such surgery are long-term, visible immediately, and the real image is formed within a few weeks after the surgery, when swelling is decreased.

The comment of Dr. G. Papečkys

Chin correction is used to correct the congenital undeveloped chin and the facial changes due to age. In the first case, this surgery is often combined with the nose plastic, in order to get the facial aesthetic balance and beautiful proportions. Due to the age-related changes the extension of chin was particularly popular in previous decades, but at present, this correction has decreased in popularity – which is now not fashionable. Recently the use of fillers has become very popular for the chin correction. Such correction is easily performed, and the result is much softer, more natural.

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