Breast reduction

Breast reduction is performed for women, who have too large breasts that prevent from living a full-fledged life: they make it hard to work out, cause back and neck pain, breathing problems, attract too much attention, form certain image of a woman that often creates difficulties for career, distort general proportion of the body, create difficulties when choosing clothes and can have an effect on personal life and relations.

Breast reduction surgery

Some fat, skin and glands are removed during the surgery, not only breasts themselves are reduced, but also nipple areolae that are too large. Breast reduction can be performed by making a circular incision around the nipple, an inverted T shaped incision or an incision around the nipple together with a vertical incision to the breast fold. After the incision, the nipple is carefully relocated, and a new form of the breast is formed. Visible scars are left in the spots of incisions that fade away during the time.


After the breast reduction surgery bandages are applied, and the patient must wear special bra that supports breasts, for some time until the healing process is in progress. There is a slight ache, swelling, bloating and pain, which can be managed with medication. After this surgery you can return to work just in 1–2 weeks and begin work out in 1–2 months. Surgery results are long-term and visible right away.

After the surgery of breast reduction, the recovery process is slightly longer than after breast lifting surgery, therefore you must be aware it in advance that complete recovery will take several months.

Comment of physician G. Papečkis

Breast reduction surgery is performed, when breasts not only sag, but when they are also too big. Sometimes they are so big and heavy that cause spinal deformations and skin sweltering. During this surgery not only areolae are lifted, but also volume of breasts is reduced, therefore in this case scars are always larger. After breasts shrink effectively and gain their form, the quality of life of the patient almost in all cases improve, and the problems related to heavy weight are solved.

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