Breast asymmetry corrections

Not all women can enjoy equal breasts. In fact, no woman has absolutely identical breasts, but usually this difference is so small that it is invisible to the naked eye or causes little concern. Meanwhile, some women have significant breast asymmetry, when the difference is obvious and causes a lot of inconvenience: the physical and psychological discomfort, lack of confidence, frustration, relationship problems. In this case, the breast asymmetry corrections can help.

Asymmetry can be corrected in different ways:

• Fat grafting performed when breast asymmetry is small, but noticeable. Then it is sufficient to suck fat from the abdomen, thighs or hips and graft them to the breast to be corrected, so that it would be as similar as possible to another one. More about fat grafting surgeries. .Krūtų asimetrijos korekcijos
• Breast implants. The breast asymmetry correction using them is performed when the difference between the both breasts is clearly visible. Then, in order to create a proportional image, the implants are used. More about breast implants
• Breast lift. This technique is used when the difference is not only in breast size, but also in their height. Then only implants will not help, because it is necessary to correct the position of the nipple in the breast. More about breast lift
• Breast reduction. The breasts not always equalized according to the bigger one. When a woman wants to have smaller breasts, then the reduction surgery is performed for the bigger one. More about breast reduction.

The comment of Dr. G. Papečkys

The ideal symmetry in nature does not exist, therefore, the breasts are always a little different. It depends on the size of the gland, chest deformities, chest muscle condition. A minor asymmetry is usually not corrected, or, if it is more prominent, the surgery is performed with the fat extraction and grafting. Larger asymmetries are corrected with implants of different sizes, sometimes it is enough for obtaining a good result. But, if haloes are not at the same height, the additional correction is required, with the halo lifting complex and sometimes with the gland tissue reduction. This, of course, leaves additional scars around the halo (and sometimes below it), however, the solved problem significantly improves the patient’s quality of life and self-confidence.

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