Buttocks enlargement

While some women are unable to lose weight in their lower part, the others cannot brag about their appealing feminine curves. Some due to changes that occur over life, the other due to size of the buttocks that is too small. If your buttocks are insufficiently nice or attractive, buttock enlargement or buttock lift can help you out.

Buttock plastics is the kind of surgery, during which a nice, feminine form of buttocks is formed. This surgery is performed, when patients, usually women, are unhappy with the shape and size of their buttocks. Also, when the buttock skin is flabby, covered with cellulite, striations and there is a wish to remove unwanted changes caused by ageing.

Buttock lifting

Buttock lift – surgical operation, during which the excessive layer of skin and fat, present in the buttock area, is removed. Fat is removed in order to form nice body shape and achieve the effect of the buttock lift.

It is hard to notice result after the surgery, because buttocks are swollen, however after few weeks, after this post-operative symptom disappears, results become clear and your new curves can be seen.

Buttocks enlargement

Buttock augmentation can be performed in various ways. The most frequent – enlargement of buttocks with implants or with own fat.

When the enlargement is performed with implants, the incision is made in the buttocks fold and implants are inserted through it. After the surgery buttocks are bandaged. In this case the result is visible right after the surgery, however, the actual shape and size becomes visible after few weeks, after the post-operative period ends.

Buttock enlargement with fat

If a patient requests a natural buttock augmentation and does not want to have implants in his body, then another method – buttock augmentation with fat injections, can be used.

In such case, first of all the liposuction is performed in another spot of the body, which becomes a donor for buttocks. It can be belly, thighs, hips, or sides. After excessive fat is removed from other body parts, they are treated in a special way and prepared to be injected into buttocks. Fat injections are performed precisely in places that you want to beautify, make fuller or enlarge.

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