Corrections of dark circles under the eyes

Corrections of dark circles under the eyes are performed for the majority of young patients. This is one of the first age-related changes, which is observed by the people themselves and by the people around them. Dark circles may become apparent even about 25-30 years of human life, especially for young professionals who are working very intensively at this age. The typical complaint of these patiens is as follows: “ I look tired, even though I am well rested“.

Tamsių ratilų po akimis korekcijos

For the older people, dark circles under the eyes are typical signs of aging, which is caused by cheek tissue ptosis, leaving the recess at the edge of the eye-socket, and above it there are excess fat bulges, which the patient often call the bags under the eyes.

The comment of Doctor Gintaras Papečkys

The problem of dark circles under the eyes can be solved in different ways. Dark discoloration around the eyes at a young age can be successfully solved with fillers, and fat grafting is especially effective.
At the same fats can be grafted to other areas of the face and thus the facial features can be embellished.

For the lower eyelid area, which is neccessary to correct due to the age-related changes, fat grafting or fillers are often not enough. In this case, the excess fat removal (usually this is done without visible incision) is combined with fat grafting. A good long-term result is obtained by such complex procedure.

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