Inverted nipples corrections

Breast nipple is a round, protruding, outer part of human mammary glanda, from which the baby or infant sucks milk. The nipple of the average size is between the size of a pea and a walnut. Nipples are very important for the appearance of the breasts, female sexuality and motherhood. Įtrauktų spenelių korekcijosSometimes it happens that the nipples from the birth are concave (inverted). In this case they are in one plane with a halo or are pulled deeper inside the breast. The nipple is pulled deeper inside due to the shortened milk duct system, preventing it from protruding. Mostly concave nipples are congenital, although sometimes they can form as such after breastfeeding when milk ducts are shortened. Thanks to the plastic surgery, those women with inverted nipples can no longer live with this defect, because the correction of inverted nipples can be performed.

Inverted nipple surgery

During the surgery, the incision is done and the nipple is extracted, and then it is fixed so that it would remain in place. Surgical procedures for correcting inverted nipples are of two types – those in which the milk ducts are not exposed, and those in which they are exposed (in the latter case, the shortened milk ducts are isolated from the nipple). In any case, the surgery aims to improve the breast image and save nipple sensitivity.

The surgery usually takes place under the local anesthesia. It takes about 1 -2 hours, depending on the method of the surgery and the patient’s anatomy.
Usually after the surgery you can breast-feed, but, if the milk ducts were isolated from the nipple, breast-feeding is impossible. If the nipples are very inverted, the surgery can can help only temporary, and sometimes after the surgery they return to their original position, therefore, one more procedure becomes required.


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