Fat transfer into face

Fat transfer – procedure, during which fat is collected from a patient and transferred into other body area in order to make it fuller. Usually the fat is collected from such areas, where excessive fat exists, for example, belly, thighs, or hips. Therefore, usually the procedure of fat transfer is performed together with liposuction surgery. Currently fat transfer is usually performed into the facial area.

Facial fat

Around thirty years of age the amount of fat present in the face, starts to slowly drop. Usually we try to lose fat in the areas of belly, thighs, or buttocks, because they are undesirable. However, with facial fat the situation is the opposite. Precisely the facial fat maintains the youthful look. As soon as we start to lose it, we begin to age. The face loses its “fullness”, it sags, cheeks become hollow.


As the science is progressing fast, it is proven that fat tissue contains special cells, responsible for the processes of regeneration. After it was learned how to use own fat, the actual possibility to naturally slow time presented itself. Precisely the cells from the fat help facial skin to regenerate naturally, therefore, slows down ageing process at the same time.

Collected fat is treated in a special way in order to separate blood, broken fat and liquids, and then with the use of a syringe and a cannula it is injected into the spots that have a lack of fat. Nice shape of the face is formed with the use of fat, it is as if countouring of the face is performed. It can be injected into cheeks, chin, under eye zone, and lips. Usually 30 to 70% of fat are successfully accepted. It is considered to be a good result.

Fat transfer into face provides it with youthfulness and freshness, as well as restores its complexion by giving more fullness. The face does not look as tired, improves the quality of the skin.

During the fat transfer procedure, contrary to the various tissue fillers, facial forms can be adjusted by a natural substance from your body. This aspect is very important to people, who are allergic or sensitive to collagen or other artificially derived products. Furthermore, transferred fat remains in the face longer than various tissue fillers and the procedure must be repeated less often.

Physician Gintaras Papečkys was the first in Lithuania to perform the first procedure of fat transfer into the face. Acquired experience and clearly visible results of patients allow to recommend this procedure as one of the most advanced and most natural measures of aesthetic medicine in order to maintain a youthful face.

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