Gynecomastia corrections for men

Gynecomastia is the mammary gland enlargement in men, which is caused by the high amount of female hormones in the body. Usually, the boys’ breasts formed during puberty disappear at about 18-20 years,Ginekomastijos korekcijos vyrams but there are cases when the problem is apparent due to overweight or various extraneous factors: medicines, steroids, tumors and other diseases. For men, this can cause serious psychological problems, lack of confidence in themselves, the decline in self-esteem. hey are afraid to undress T-shirt in public, avoid intimate situations. Gynecomastia corrections for men are common procedures performed by plastic surgeons.


In case of excess fat in the male breasts, it is removed by suction. This is performed by making a small incision in the armpit, into which the canulla is inserted, which allows to suck the fat. If liposuction is not enough, a small incision is made along the edge of the halo of the nipple, through which the glandular tissue and excess skin are removed.

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