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Why choose us?

Aesthetic surgery clinic “GP klinika” was established in 2000 by doctor Gintaras Papečkys. It is the first self-functioning private facial and body aesthetic surgery clinic after restoring independence of Lithuania. “GP klinika”, unlike most modern clinics, is established not by businessmen but doctors, who are the main specialists of this clinic. Therefore, our clinic doesn’t have staff turnover – we have a constant professional team. We have a clear strategy and direction and we trust each other. That makes it possible to create a better relationship between the doctor and the patient, to provide quality services. “GP Klinika” has a strong partner clinic – doctor’s Valdas Labanauskas dental clinic “Dentvalda”, located in the same premises. The partner is chosen not accidentally – both doctors, working together, can offer patients a complex facial beauty decisions.
“GP klinika” is equipped with 2 operating rooms, cozy wards, consulting rooms, so all the services are provided in one place. After more difficult surgery, patients are accommodated in our clinic for a night.
We are friendly to our patient and consider them as partners in solving their problems of body aesthetics. We try to communicate directly and to offer the best solution, using our experience and professionalism. Long-term experience allows us to project long-term results, and to advise patients about the need of the surgery. We do not offer surgical treatment if it is possible to obtain an adequate result by other means, so mini-invasive procedures are very popular in our clinic.
“GP Klinika” – our professionalism for your body beauty, and beauty is your choice.

Why to choose our plastic surgery clinic?

• More than 25 years of experience
•Permanent doctors’ internship abroad
• We use the most advanced techniques and modern tools
• The individual solution for each patient
• Objective evaluation of every situation
• If you do not need the operation – we so say
• We are minimal surgical invasion supporters
• Our small clinic feels very comfortable, quiet and cosy
• We guarantee complete confidentiality
• We provide not only operations, but also aesthetic procedures.

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