Body contouring surgeries

Liposuction is a surgery that removes fatty tissue. In this way, different body contouring surgeries are performed which help model the figure. The sucked fat can be grafted to another area of the body, thus, liposuction and grafting is a procedure that cannot be confused with weight reduction. Riebalų nusiurbimasUp to 6 liters of fatty tissue can be removed during liposuction. It is a small quantity for an obese patient, however, when removed from from one area of the body, it can dramatically change its contour.
During the surgery, the cannula is inserted through the skin incision of 3 – 4 mm to the subcutaneous fat tissue prepared by the special solution, and the fat is removed thrugh this cannula. The classic way is mechanical, when the fats enter the cannula during mechanical arm movement and are removed with the pump. Also the special devices are used, which cause vibrations of the cannula, and in this way the fats are taken and removed using the pump.

The comment of Dr. G. Papečkys

Body contouring with liposuction and grafting is one of the main aesthetic surgery procedures, with great opportunities for correction of the aesthetic body image. This procedure is constantly evolving. There are new devices facilitating the removal of fat, causing less trauma, enabling to perfom the surgery more precisely and even in those areas where the classic mechanical method did not work, and to remove the higher fat content without any risk to the patient. Removed intact fat tissue is used in grafting to other areas of the body. This is the most natural method for changing the body shapes. The fat tissue naturalizes and that area looks very naturally with no noticeable signs of corrections, which is now very fashionable, as patients do not want the correction to be visible. Regenerating properties of the fat tissue are one of the biggest breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine, which changed the entire direction of the aesthetic medicine development.


Currently, the device “Lipomatic“ used in GP clinic has greatly enhanced the procedure of fat liposuction and grafting. When using this device, the cannula vibrates at the low frequency forward and backward and around its axis. The cannula easily and without trauma slides through the fat tissue. The vibrating movements separate this tissue from the surrounding tissues, and the pump eaily removes them. During the surgery, less blood is removed, blood vessels are less damaged, subcutaneous structures are not disrupted, therefore, after the surgery, the skin recovers nicely. Since the fats removed in this way are not disrupted, they can be grafted to other areas of the body. Currently, there is installed the special device for fat intake, assembly and preparation for grafting, which even improved the safety and engraftment of the grafted tissue. This is especially important for grafting large amounts of fat tissue, for example, to the breasts and buttocks.


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