Breast lift

Breast lift surgery is performed on women, whose breasts changed over the time: lost firmness, youthful looks, or sagged. This usually happens due to pregnancy, breast feeding, ageing processes, weight changes, also congenital factors. The surgery helps women to feel attractive again, regain self-confidence, and do not be afraid to look in a mirror. Breasts become more firm and higher.

Breast lift is often performed with other surgeries, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Breast lift surgery

Breast lift can be performed with the use of various methods that are chosen based on the situation of a specific woman. Incision is done around the nipple, from the nipple to the fold, located under the breast or along the breast fold. It is possible to perform one or all of these incisions. The breast is modified during the surgery by lifting it, redundant skin is removed, and remaining skin is extended and stitched. After this surgery some scars are visible, while the others are hidden under the breast folds. Over the time scars fade.


After the breast lift surgery, the bandages are applied and the special bra is given, it properly holds the breasts during healing process. There is a slight ache, swelling, bloating and pain, which can be managed with medication. You can return to work just in 1–2 weeks and begin work out in 1–2 months. Results of the suregery are visible right away and they are long-term.

Comment of physician G. Papečkis

The goal of the breast lift surgery – lifting of the sagging breast tissues and areola, so that it would point slightly upwards. During lift surgery, in order to reconstruct the appealing shape of the breast, its volume is usually kept the same. Depending on the degree of sagging (usually areola is 19–20 cm from the top of the sternum), only scars around areola may remain, and if the sagging is stronger, anchor or perpendicular shaped scar remains. This is the drawback of this surgery, but over the time the scars become much less visible, and new form of the breast is aesthetically nicer, sexier and more attractive.

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