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Doctor’s word

G. Papečkys

“Your beauty is your choice”

This is my, as the aesthetic medicine surgeon, credo which describes the basic principles of my activities. The perception of the body aesthetics was formed by accumulating experience in this area.
I draw the body aesthetics from the artists’ works: they are perfectly aware of the human anatomy, they feel proportions. I discover body and facial aesthetic elements, human body’s harmony and beauty in the artists’ works. The perception of aesthetics also was formed by my female patients. Nobody can present themselves better than women, therefore, my understanding of beauty was much influenced by requests of my female patients.
I value the natural beauty of the face and body, that was formed by nature and which perfectly reveals in people’s youth. Therefore, I give priority to restoration of the natural beauty.

Equal partners

In my opinion, there is no a doctor and a patient in aesthetic surgery. Here we are two equal partners: one of us wants some changes, the other – can implement them. Therefore, my main task is to listen to the wishes of the patient and assess his imaginary changes. It is very important that the patient’s expectation would be realistic, that he would realize that he will have to suffer the inconveniences during the postoperative period. Only after attentive conversation we both make decisions.
While working in a clinic in Tallinn “Christinas Clinic“, I participate in TV projects, during which I can fully implement my perception of aesthetics. The project attracted considerable interest in Estonia. During TV shows, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the real results of the aesthetic surgeries and procedures, to refute the false beliefs that exist in society.
On the basis of accumulated experience and the perception of the body aesthetics formed by the results of more than 25 years of work, I recommend the patients, in my opinion, the most appropriate ways to implement their wishes. Thanks to the long-term experience, I can predict the farthest results.
However, the patient always chooses by himself, his opinion is the most important for me.

Dr. Gintaras Papečkys

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