Mini-invasive facial shape corrections

MnMini-invasive facial shape corrections are the increasingly popular area of facial surgery and aesthetic medicine. Mini-invasive procedure is such method of surgical intervention when the result is achieved by using very small surgical incisions, or only small holes in the skin. Mini-invasive facial shape corrections
Patients are very concerned because of the incisions used in traditional surgery that leave scarring. Sometimes the left scar is even more imporant for them that the final result. As the perception of facial aesthetics is gradually changing, the natural result begin to dominate, which sometimes is not so prominent, less visible for others. Then the person’s face looks rejuvenated, more luminous, but actually it cannot be understood that the mini-invasive intervention was performed. This is precisely those procedures that help to avoid so-called “facial mask“ effect, when, in order to maximize the result, it is overdone and the face becomes like dead and artificially smoothed.

The comment of Doctor Gintaras Papečkys

It was found that facial tissues sag only in the surface layers (skin, subcutaneous fat, superficial facial fat layer (SMAS). Deeper layers at the facial bones are firmly fixed by the bands. Therefore, the surgical threads lifting the face earned their name as an efficient mean providing very natural facial rejuvenation result.

New surgical threads appear on the market, which are inserted through the minimum hole in the skin or through a small incision (for example, silhouette lift). I’m very enthusiastic about the use of these methods, which I started to apply 10 years ago, and now they have become recognized by everyone. Mini-invasive interventions include not only surgical threads, but also many other procedures, such as fat extraction anf grafting to the face, tissue fillers, PRP, botulinum toxin injections, special cell injections.

It is important to know that these corrections can and should be started at much younger age, when the first prominent aging changes appear (from 35 years). In this way, all of these changes are reduced and postponed to a later age, when it becomes necessary to use traditional major surgical interventions.

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