Labia correction

People are uncomfortable talking about intimate parts of their body, and even more so about problems that are related to them. However, precisely due to that fact some problems intensify even more and get in a way of a harmonious life. Majority does not even know that genital surgeries are currently gaining popularity and plastic surgery is able to perform various corrections that are especially relevant for men and women as well.

Corrections of female genitals

Women usually require such surgery after giving birth, after noticing ageing processes, or simply when more beautiful genitals are desired. They complain about too large or asymmetrical labia minora, which creates not only a lack of aesthetics, but also lowers self-esteem and creates inconvenience: pain or irritation, when wearing certain clothes, performing certain motions, or during intercourse. Surgery is best suitable when a woman is not satisfied with her labia, physically she is healthy, has no more plans to have kids, because labia can sag down again due to pregnancy and giving birth.

Labia correction

During the surgery the physician removes excessive tissue of labia minora. At the same time the labia majora can be reduced as well by draining the fat. Local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia can be used for this procedure. A surgeon will advice on the anaesthesia option that is the best for your case. Labia plastics can be performed in two ways. First one, a strip shaped part is cut from labia. Second one, when a V shaped part is removed. Incision spots are stitched with soluble stitches.


The result is long-term and visible right after the surgery. A sense of swelling, slight unpleasant feeling, or pain that can be easily managed with painkillers, can be felt. It is recommended to wear special underwear, supporting and strengthening spot of surgery, for a couple of weeks. After the surgery, tampons should not be used for a while, you should withhold from sex for about a month. You can return to work in a couple of days and begin to work out – in 2–3 weeks. Results of the surgery are long-term, but if a woman becomes pregnant after the surgery once again, during the pregnancy or birth labia may sag again.


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