Breast implants

Breast augmentation can be performed with different implants. Currently there are many implant manufacturers, who offer various types of implants, constantly test their product and launch into market new implants that are more improved and more advanced. During the consultation the plastic surgeon will help you to choose from the variety of implant types. Based on the needs that you present, he will advice about the breast implants that is the most suitable for you.

Breast implants can be round, oval or drop shaped, of various size and surface texture.

Round implants are usually used in order to increase fullness of the top pole of the breast, while oval or drop shaped implants imitates the natural shape of breasts the best, providing more fullness in the bottom pole.

Our clinic uses “Motiva”, “Polytech” and “B-lite” implants.

“Motiva” implants

“Motiva” implants are round implants, meeting the highest standards of quality. It is a long-term medical grade silicone implants, thoroughly chemically, physically, and biologically tested and presented for approval to US food and drugs administration (FDA).

Headquarters of the company that is making “Motiva” implants, is based in USA, European distribution center is in Belgium, and factory in Costa Rica.

“Motiva” implants have integrated “Q Inside Safety Technology”, it allows to identify the breast implants of a patient externally in the physician’s office with the use of a hand scanner.

Besides round implants “Motiva” also offers interim option between round and drop shaped implants. These are “Motiva Ergonomix” implants. They mimic natural shape and motion of the breast, are especially elastic, and withstand even the highest pressure.

“Motiva” offers more than 500 types of implants.

“Polytech” implants

“Polytech” – German breast implants of the highest quality, one of the leaders in Europe. Silicone, used in the manufacturing of “Polytech” implants is approved by US food and drugs administration (FDA) as safe to use for a long-term implantation.

“Motiva” offers two main breast implant types: round, that create a round shape of breasts, and anatomical that are designed based on the natural form of a breast and desire to mimic the silhouette of a woman.

All implants are filled with non-liquid silicone gel and coated with a multilayer dense coating. Surface of “Polytech” implants can be different: smooth, textured, coated with micropolyurethane foam.

“Polytech” offers more than 1500 types of implants.

“B-lite” implants

“B-lite” are advanced breast implants, that are up to 30% lighter than other conventional implants, because of the lower density gel that fills them. Lighter implants mean that after the implantation there will be less stress on the soft tissues. Due to that it is to maintain a desired breast form.

Shell of the “B-lite” implants is made out of silicone elastomer. External layer of the shell can be smooth or with a texture.

This manufacturer offers round and anatomically shaped implants.

The shell of these breast implants is made in Germany.

Breast augmentation with “B-lite” implants is convenient not only due to their smaller weight, but also due to quicker recovery and lower pain after the surgery. Furthermore, these implants are better visible during X-ray procedure.

“B-lite” offers more than 300 types of implants.

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