3D simulation for body and face

Unsure of the difference between 300cc and 400cc? Want a natural result? Wondering how you will look after the surgery? Want to look like a specific celebrity? Discover your new you with 3D simulation during a consultation with our surgeon.
3D imaging is useful for all types of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. It helps to make a final decision about the surgery and to get a better understanding about the possible results.

3D veido ir kūno modeliavimasNow anybody interested in how their body or face would look like after the operation could see the desired results on their tablets or in a virtual reality using Crisalix 3D. It’s simple! Doctor will scan you during your first visit to the clinic. Then you can visualize your desired changes together. You can even feel your new body with Virtual Reality Mode or save your 3D and take it home, so you could think more and decide!
People who have used this technology have demonstrated a high level of satisfaction with the results. Furthermore, according to a recent survey conducted among patients who used Crisalix, 99% of them said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the ability to see actual results, not imaginary ones.

3D simulation, face:

• Rhinoplasty
• Face lifting
• Eyebrows
• Eyelids / Blepharoplasty
• Cheek implants
• Lip augmentation
• Chin augmentation & Jawlines
• Facial skin

3D simulation, breast:

• Breast enlargement
• Breast reduction
• Mastopexy / Breast lift
• Saline / Silicone implants *
• Asymmetric simulations
• Implants Revision
• Scars
• Breast reconstruction
• Fat transfer

3D simulation, body:

• Abdominoplasty / Tummy tuck
• Liposuction / Liposculpture
• Body contouring
• Buttocks

98% would recommend Crisalix to their friends

Crisalix is the leading VR 4D & 3D imaging solution among plastic surgeons around the world. Crisalix carries out ongoing post-consultation and surgery studies with patients to measure their level of satisfaction.

Based in the fastest growing life science cluster in the world, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, located in Lausanne, Switzerland, Crisalix is the first company in the medical field which developed a live Oculus VR app and the only one in the aesthetics field offering 3D consultations.

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