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Steps for medical travel:

  1. The first step – write us a message about your desired plastic surgery, your questions, doubts and wishes!
  2. We will answer all of your questions by e-mail or by phone.
  3. After that, we can arrange you a personal Skype conversation with a plastic surgeon.
  4. After you make a decision about the surgery, we book a date for you. To confirm this date, you will have to transfer a deposit for a clinic.
  5. Now it’s time to buy flight tickets and to make a hotel reservation. You can do it on your own. But if you need any help, we can make some recommendations about the flights or even to book a hotel for you. Also, we can book you a personal transfer from the airport.
  6. Then you are already in Lithuania, you will arrive to our clinic for a personal consultation with a doctor. Usually it takes part one day before the surgery. You will have chance to talk to a doctor once more and to confirm all the details.
  7. After the consultation, you will go to your hotel to rest for a night.
  8. On the next morning you will come to the clinic for your surgery.
  9. Firstly, you will settle down in your room. The patients’ rooms are personal and cozy. Then you will fill in all the documentation, talk to the doctors and then you will be ready for your surgery.
  10. After the surgery we usually keep the patients for one night in our clinic. You will be observed by medical staff all night long.
  11. The next day we will make the bunching, give you all the neccessary medications and directions and then you will be able to leave to your hotel for rest.
  12. Usually we wish our patients stay in Lithuania for 7 days. The number of days may vary, depending on the surgery.
  13. If you feel quite strong, you can have a pleasant walking around the city, have a dinner in the old town or take some SPA procedures (that are allowed by the doctor!).
  14. After 6-8 days you will come back to the clinic for another bunching and for checking.
  15. After that you can fly back home and in 4-6 weeks send us your pictures of your appearance.
  16. If you have any questions before/during/after your visit in our clinic, you can ask them our staff any time. We are always ready to help you!

How to travel to Lithuania, Kaunas:

Lithuania is a country in the center of Europe. There are 3 airports in it. All of them are near the cities.

The distance from the exact airport to the center of Kaunas city:


Many airline companies fly to Lithuania, such as Wizzair, Ryanair, airBaltic, Finnair, LOT, Lufhansa, Scandinavian Airlines and others.

Even more information about the flights, airports, travel tips you can find here:

Transfer from the airports:

If you wish to travel by public transport from the airport to the city of Kaunas, you are free to do that. The transportation between airports and the cities are well-developed and you can travel by buses, trains, taxi or simply rent a car.

If you find it difficult to travel on your own, we can suggest you a transfer company. The personal taxi will bring you from the airport to our clinic and then to the hotel. The transfer prices depend on your arrival airport.


Park inn

We are cooperating with four high level hotels, which have from 3 to 5 stars. If you haven’t reserved the hotel on your own, you can choose one of them. Our patients are happy about all of them as they are situated not far from the clinic and the city center.

Also, we are suggesting another hotel which is in Palanga resort, near the Baltic sea. It suggest many medical services for patients after plastic


Other partners:

SPA, massage:

  • Kaunas (Sauleja SPA, near Park Inn hotel)
  • Palanga (Palanga SPA, sea resort, 250 km)
  • Birštonas (Vytautas SPA, resort, 50 km)

Private tours around the city.

We are cooperating with the organizers of private tours who can make an excursions around the Kaunas city and it’s surroundings, also trips to other cities or famous and interesting areas.

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