Breast augmentation with fat

It is often assumed that breast augmentation is performed by implants. However, other method – breast augmentation with fat – is currently gaining popularity as well. During this surgery the fat is collected from other area of the body and injected into breasts. Breast augmentation with fat is suitable method for those women, who do not want to enlarge their breasts too much.

While the idea of breast enlargement with the use of fat is not new on its own, it began gaining popularity in recent years, because several surgeon-researcher groups announced successful results in this field. However, this method is currently limited by the fact that not all fat cells, but only part of them, are accepted by the body. Usually 30 to 70% of fat are successfully accepted.

Breast augmentation with fat is not suitable for women, who wish to enlarge their breasts by two or more sizes. This is because breast can contain a limited amount of fat cells.

Advantages of breast augmentation with fat

This method is very attractive to those women, who do not want implants and want to enlarge their breasts in a natural way with a gentle result. This procedure has minimum invasion, there is no incisions that must be done during the surgery of breast implant insertion. This procedure is also suitable, when there is a need to correct a slight asymmetry of breasts.

Breast augmentation with fat provides one more advantage – two surgeries can be performed at the same time: liposuction from unwanted zone and transfer of fat into breasts.


The procedure consists of two main steps – fat collection and fat transfer.

During the first step the physician performs liposuction in the donor spots that you discussed and chose together with the physician. It must be such spots that contain sufficient amount of fat. Usually it is such areas as belly, legs or waist. During the collection of the fat the physician accurately collects the fat by modelling and evenly contouring the chosen spot. Fat collection is performed by using modern advanced equipment, which is gentle and ensures vitality of the collected fat cells. Then fat is separated, treated and prepared for injection into breasts.

During the second step the fat is accurately injected into breasts in a way that they would integrate into current fat and other tissues.

After the fat transfer your breasts will be swollen for several weeks, they may also be red and some bruising may appear. After some time, after the healing period ends, you will see the actual image of your breasts and will enjoy their natural.

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