Wrinkle removal

First wrinkles begin to form at a relatively young age, but they do not seem very noticeable and do not cause any significant changes in the, but when you enter into the thirties, they begin to emerge more and more, especially in the eye and mouth areas, which makes people concerned about their appearance. Nothing can stop the natural aging. Nature has already created about at 30 years the first signs of aging begin to emerge, but younger girls feel it more often. Then, wrinkle removal becomes a serious challenge.

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Why do wrinkles appear?

The appearance of wrinkles is influenced by many factors. The more they affect us, the faster we get older. Lifestyle, attitude towards one’s health, environmental influence – all these are essential properties determining the faster or slower aging.
The aging process is induced by the following:
• Active facial movements (pout, broad smile, facial mimic expressions)
• Sun
• Wind and cold
• Air polution
• Sunbathing in the natural sun and tanning beds
• Constant stress
• Weight changes
• Skin type (the drier the skin, the faster wrinkles appear)
• Drinking alcohol
• Smoking

When the first wrinkles appear, they are shallow, narrow and a little noticeable, but over time they deepen and become prominent. Wrinkles appear the most often and they are the most noticeable in the following places:

Around the eyes
• On the forehead
• Between eyebrows
• At the nose
• Around the lips
• On the neck
Decrease in the skin’s natural moisture and adipose layer causes skin dryness, decline in elasticity and firmness, the body produces less collagen, thus, the skin does not renew and it is gradually aging.

There are various measures that help to smooth out the wrinkles, revitalize the skin, to firm it, to raise the tone and rewind a few years back. The most popular means to achieve this are the following:

• Botulinum injections
• Tissue filler injection
• Fat grafting

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