Breast surgery

One of the most popular operations in aesthetic surgery is the breast surgery. Every year their number is growing, as more and more women want to embellish this part of the body and feel more feminine. However, all women experience different woes and the surgeries performed to them are different. If some women decide to get breast surgery for aesthetic reasons because of the desire to have more beautiful rotundity, the others do this due to the health problems.
Some women are not endowed with natural big breast, therefore, they want to embelish it so that they would feel more attractive. Others, on the contrary, have too large breasts, which hinders everyday life, and even receice abusive remarks, therefore, they finally decide to reduce it and thus improve their quality of life. One more group of women are turning to plastic surgeons because of the flabby breasts due to the aging process or after childbirth. There are also women whose both breasts are asymmetrical and due this reason they feel great discomfort.

Krūtų operacijos

So the main breast surgeries are the following:

• Breast augmentation with implants
• Breast augmentation with fat
• Breast augmentation using both implants and fat
• Breast reduction
• Elimination of breast asymmetry
• Breast reconstruction after removal
• Rejuvenation of the flobby breast due to the aging process
• Breast lift

Nowadays all breast surgeries, even the most complex, can be performed, therefore, if you are considering such surgery, first of all, come to consult with the doctor, who will advise and recommend the best way to solve your problem.

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