Neck lift

It is said that neck is the part of the body that shows the actual age of a person. Usually it is the very truth. During our entire life we take a very good care of our face: applying various creams, use masks, undergo massages and other procedures, but we often forget our neck. This part of the body remains on the sidelines, as if unnoticed. It is not surprising that after some time we begin to notice changes in the neck area. Here the skin is very thin and sensitive, therefore, the first signs of ageing first of all become visible on the neck.

Over the time neck skin becomes loose, flabby, and eventually can sag noticeably. It happens not only due to ageing process, but due to other factors, such as big loss of weight, as well. After losing excessive weight, especially for older people, whose skin is not as elastic, excess of a skin can form under the chin, and it does not contract on its own. In this case patients come to undergo neck plastics.

Neck lift can be performed in various ways. Usually surgical neck operation or lifting with surgical stitches is used.

Surgery is very often performed together with face lift and neck liposuction.

Neck lift with stitches

When the situation is not very complicated and the neck skin is not very stretched and flappy, neck lift can be performed with the use of a mini invasive procedure – surgical stitches. These stitches are inserted into a neck area and they nicely lift the skin that is becoming more lose, they also form a nice angle between the chin and the neck. The pronounced forms rejuvenate neck area right away. The procedure is effective for 3–5 years, after that it can be repeated.

However, neck lift with stitches is ineffective, when neck skin sagged very much. In such case the surgical neck lift is performed.

Surgical neck lift

If there is not only the sagging of the skin, but also there is an excess of fat accumulated in the neck, then first of all the drainage of excessive fat is performed.

During surgery the neck muscles are corrected and strengthened, excess of free skin is removed, and the remaining skin is extended and strengthened. Neck correction requires about 2–3 hours, and results remain for 5–10 years. After surgery there is a feeling of neck swelling and numbing, some bruising is visible.

You will see the result even on the same day right after the surgery, because there will not be any excessive skin. After the neck heals completely, it will look more firm, younger and smoother.

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