Cheek lift

Nice and expressive cheeks is a sign of youth, providing face with beauty and attractiveness. That is why women use make up to specifically highlight this area of the face and accentuate it with rouge and other make up items. But for those who want to have nice cheeks without make up, cheek lift or cheek correction is performed. Usually this part requires correction, when a person has inexpressive cheeks and wants to change their form and size. Also, this procedure can correct congenital defects or injuries, caused by various traumas.

For older people cheeks begin to sag naturally and that is one of the most obvious changes of the face, creating an image of a tired and aged face. Cheek lift helps the face to look younger.

Surgery can be combined with other surgeries and procedures. Usually it is performed together with a classic face lift, fat transfer into face, and a chin correction.

Cheek lift can be performed in several different ways, and the one which is suitable for you, you will decide on your own after consulting with the plastic surgeon. Methods: tissue filler injections, cheek implants, facial surgical stitches.

Cheek implants

Cheek implants are used, when there is a desire to lift the cheeks and make them more visible and more pronounced. Implants can be of various sizes; therefore, a patient is able to choose during the consultation, the size of the cheek that he would want, and choose the implant based on that.

Surgery is performed under a general anaesthesia. During it incisions are made inside the mouth, through them the implants are inserted and attached to the bone.

After such surgery the face is swollen, you can feel tension, tightness, and some bruising may be visible.


Other method to lift the cheeks – injections of tissue fillers. It is a much simpler method, because it is performed in the physician’s procedural office and that is a non-invasive surgery. Cheek lift with injections is a short procedure, after which you can resume your daily activities right away. The drawback is that tissue filler injections must be repeated, because their effect lasts up to 1–1.5 year.

Cheek lift with injections can be perform, with the use of hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite fillers.

Facial stitches

Another modern and very attractive mini-invasive mean is used for cheek lift – surgical facial stitches. In this case special stitches are placed; their tiny hooks attach to the facial tissues and that allows to lift them. The effect of facial stitches lasts for 3–5 years. Some of them can later be pulled again.

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