Botulin injections for sweating

Increased sweating is a very frustrating and unpleasant problem that is plaguing a part of the population. It manifests at various age for both men and women. It heavily oppresses people mostly because it heavily restricts their life: some begin to avoid sports or other physical activity, gatherings, unpleasant smell is masked under several layers of deodorants and fragrance, after these mix the result is even worse, others try to mask the smell under several layers of clothes, look for natural fabrics, but that is rarely a solution. If such problem exists a serious solution is needed, it should not mask consequences of sweating – bad smell or constantly wet clothes, but to look for ways to reduce sweating.

Causes of sweating

All people are sweating, but various environmental factors make some people to sweat more than the others. Sweating can be caused by such factors as:

  • Stress;
  • Physical stress, sport;
  • Environmental temperature;
  • Hot food and drinks.

Treatment of sweating with botulin

Treatment of sweating is performed by using various modern methods. One of them – anti-sweating botulin injections. Yes, the same botulin that is used in the beauty field for wrinkle smoothing.

Botulin toxin injections are a safe and scientifically proven measure, reducing sweating in such areas, as:

  • Palms;
  • Armpits;

These injections are very effective. For many people they help to get rid of an annoying and harassing problem, when feet and and hands are constantly wet, spots of sweat can be noticed on clothes, and bad smell forces people around to avoid you.


Procedure is short, it takes about 10-20 minutes. During it penetrations are made in the treated zone, so that the preparation would spread better. Botulin toxin acts by preventing sweat production. Result can be felt from half a year to a year. When sweating begins to resume, injections must be repeated.

After botulin is injected, sweating is reduced within few days, and full effect manifests within 1–2 weeks.

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