Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery with implants is performed when a woman’s breasts are small, underdeveloped, wilted after breastfeeding, asymmetrical, when it is wanted to improve the balance of shapes, to improve the image, increase self-confidence. Also breast implants can be used to restore a breast after a mastectomy, when the sex is changed, etc.

The size and shape of the implant is selected taking into account the patient’s wishes, thoracic form, its diameter, the breast ptosis. The implants can be filled with saline fluid, silicone gel or hydrogel.


The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Various incisions for inserting the implant are used (under the glanda, through the armpit, around the nipples, through the navel). The implant is placed in a lodge formed in the breast tissues, which can be above the muscle, under the breast gland, under the muscle fascia, partly under the muscle and partly under the gland (the so-called two-level lodge).
The surgery is finished by draining the implant lodge to remove any remaining tissue fluids and to control bleeding. The patient is left for one day in the care clinic, and on the next day, after removal of drains, is discharged home.

The comment of Dr. G. Papečkys

The breast form correction with implants is one of the most popular aesthetic operations, because the need to balance the figure, to improve image, to increase self-confidence is very high. Curently, that group of women wants to correct the breasts, which had previously been very negatively opposed to such surgeries. This group includes socially active, career-oriented women having a higher education. Obviously, their needs are more moderate, but the influence of nature is also very high and aesthetics in all areas of life, including the beauty of the body, becomes very relevant.

The range of the new implant forms notably increased the chance of a better aesthetic result. Another novelty – a special 3D computer program Crisalix, which helps women to decide, to see the expected results vividly, to compare implants of different shapes, of different manufacturers, to compare insertion techniques, to see what image would be after putting on clothes or swimsuit.

The latest breast implants competitors, which appeared as a result of a new approach to aesthetics, is the breast shape correction with the fat grafting and breast lifting threads. It is also possible to combine both implants and fat grafting. In this case, the smaller implant is inserted and the breast is additionally embellished with the woman’s grafted fats.

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