SVF stem cells


SVF – stromal vascular fraction cells are the most important adipose tissue stem cells. Human adipose tissue is rich in stem cells, the purpose of which is regenerative. By using the modern technologies, the SVF stem cells are extracted from the adipose tissue and used in aesthetic medicine, in restoring skin firmness.

The SVF stem cells cause the body itself to restore (regenerate) the place where firmness is decreased and wrinkles appeared. Put simply, the principle of the action is that the adipose tissue cells activate the progenitor cells of the skin, which stimulate regeneration.

These adipose tissue stem cells can be used for the following:

• To restore dehydrated skin which lost its elasticity
• To smooth wrinkles
• To regenerate dull and lifeless skin
• To treat other skin problems.
The effect of the procedure is long-term and the results last longer than 12 months. Also part of the cells can be stored by freezing them and reserving for later. In this case, the patient’s adipose tissue is stored in the laboratory of the tissue bank, in the special nitrogen tank, at the temperature of -1960C.


During the procedure, with minimal surgical intervention, the patient’s adipose tissue is taken, from which the sterile individual stem cell preparation is extracted. Using a sterile syringe, it is injected into the problem areas of the face, thus restoring the tissue functions. The injection lasts for 10-20 minutes. Since this is the human cells, the sterile preparation obtained from them does not cause rejection or other side effects. The skin becomes smoother, looks “fresher”. Using such a procedure may move plastic surgery to distance.

  • SVF stem cells
  • SVF stem cells, skin rejuvenation
  • SVF stem cells. SVF – stromal vascular fraction cells are the most important adipose tissue stem cells.

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