PRP (platelet-rich plasma), or otherwise, platelet-enriched plasma is used as the filler for revival of the face and rejuvenation of the skin. During this procedure, a small portion of human blood is taken and processed in the special device, so that the platelet concentrate is obtained from it, which is injected into the problem areas of the face. The activated platelets stimulate cell renewal and reproduction, which leads to skin rejuvenation.

PRP is applicable in:

• Smoothing wrinkles
• Restoring skin firmness
• Removing pigment stains
• Reducing prominent scars
• Reducing enlarged pores.


During the PRP procedure, a small amount of the patient’s own blood is taken from a vein (usually from 30 to 60 ml), which is placed in a special disposable reservoir, and this is centrifuged for 15 minutes. Using the centrifuge, the nlood in the reservoir disintegrates into various components, among which the one that is necessary for the mentioned procedure is extracted – a platelet concentrate. The extracted platelets exceed the platelet counts even up to nine times as compared to the quantity in the normal blood volume.

The blood platelets activate natural stem cells that circulate in the facial tissues, and thus stimulate the patient’s own skin cells, the collagen and elastin production is promoted, therefore, the skin rejuvenation effect is induced.
Upon arrival to the procedure, your facial skin will be covered with a local anesthetic cream which relieves pain during the injection. One the autologous platelet concentrate is ready, the doctor injects the obtained product with the thin needle (3-4 mm) directly to the necessary points of the face, in order to induce skin regeneration processes. The mean treatment duration is about 45 minutes, during this time the doctor will perform a number of small injections in the skin of the face, concentrating on the most problematic areas of the skin.
The effect begins to emerge after 2-3 weeks. In order to maintain a constant maximum effect, it is recommended to perform the procedure at least once a year, and, if it is possible, 2 times. This procedure is particularly effective when combined with the fat grafting procedure.

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